3d Rendering’s PRICE GUIDE at Budget Rates
3d Rendering’s  promotes the best return of every client’s investment in terms of affordability & quality of 3d architectural visualizations.

We strive to deliver excellent results to meet your satisfaction on each project.
Below, please find our cost effective Architectural 3D Rendering Prices for consideration and reference.

Price List

Perspective Views:

  • House Exterior
  • House Interior
  • Commercial Exterior
  • Commercial Interior
  • 3D Floor Plan
  • 2D Floor Plan
  • Overhead View
  • 2D Color Illustration
  • Additional Renders
  • 3D viewer Option to Share
  • 3D Walkthrough Animation

Start Rate:

  • From $475 to $1200 | per view
  • From $425 to $1200 | per view
  • From $600 to $5000 | per view
  • From $650 to $2500 | per view
  • From $400 to $750 | per floor/unfurnished
  • From $280 to $600 | per floor
  • From $350 to $1250 | per view
  •  From $280 to $600 | per floor
  • From $100 per rendering | same model
  • From $ 400 – $1200 | Create model for viewer 
  • From   $25  to  $35/second

Convert your 2d Sketch or Dwg's into a 3d Rendering

What can i do for you......

I am offering to you a cost-effective, affordable and reasonably-priced CAD drafting service, where I can manually convert your plan to a CAD format of your choice. Taking our scanned paper documents or hand-drawn documents, tiff files or any other image files and converting them into accurate CAD drawings with standard quality that you can then edit and store digitally.

  • Paper Blueprints to CAD
  • PDF to CAD
  • Tiff / JPG / Bmp to CAD
  • Hand sketches to CAD
  • Scanned documents to CAD
  • Photographs to CAD
  • Raster image to CAD

Transferring of Paper Drawings to AutoCAD, Archicad, Revit, Chief Architect or other Format, Provide Drawings or Customization of Pre-Drawn Home

Note: Plan Cost Comparison?

If you were to redraw in-house yourself:
The cost for a “D” size medium density drawing typically would be:

  • Hours to redraw: average 24 hrs (3 days)
  • Typical Cost per hour (wage and overhead) $50/hr
  • $50/hr x 3 days = $1200.00
  • Compare at $35/hr x 3 days = $840.00

5 Day Delivery of proof rendering (expedite available)

100% Money Back Guarantee

Realistic HDRI Renderings take longer at additional cost

How to get started:

  • Fill out the contact form and upload your sketch’s if you prefer, or email them to me so I can provide you with a cost estimate.
  • I will email you or call to discuss your project, your preference.
  • If you decide I am right for you, send me any additional  CAD files or hand drawings of what you would like rendered along with the materials list and additional instructions.
  • I will complete your first draft in approximately 5 days or sooner, may depend on complexity.

The Process

1st Step - Designing the Model

This is how the 3d rendering process works…
The fist Process after I receive your plans is to create a model.
This is a wire model of the entire scene.

All objects and structural elements are added.  We also set up the camera’s to your requested perspective for you to review.


2nd Step - First Edit

This is the First edit that I will send to you.. It is created without the materials lighting and color.

You are now able to edit the following areas:

• The structure of the room or building
• The position of windows, doors etc
• That all the elements are correct as per your specifications
• The view angle is suitable for your requirements


3rd Step - First Edit

You will receive your final review with Color, Texture and Lighting that you have supplied,  such as floor coverings, fabrics, artworks, paint finishes, etc.  I now add the lighting.

I will email you this stage to Preview for your comments.
At this stage, we normally allow for 3 more non structural changes. 


4rth Step - Rendering

The rendering process takes a lot of computer time  (ranging from 1 to 8 hours) as the computer has to calculate each and every object and it’s lighting.

I will now send you the Final View & hope that there are no additional changes or mistakes!

Changes at this stage can cost  further charges and  so it’s best to check and re-check. 
Your photo realistic 3d architectural rendering is now complete and can be used for all types of applications of your choosing.  ENJOY!