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Welcome to my My 3D Renderings

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I am Architectural Technologist and Visualization Specialist that can bring you the world of 3-Dimensional Design, a new and exciting medium, used to help you visualize your new home or building structure.

Since the conceptualization process is used by those who wish to view their home before it is actually built, it can also be most advantages to the builder or real estate companies who are looking to sell pre-designed homes and would like to show their clients a finished product.

You can choose the 3D Realistic approach or if you prefer an artistic rendering that is also available. Or a detailed fly-by or walk-through is available at an additional cost.  Based on the specific real estate project requirement and marketing specifications, I can produce renderings and perspectives that have a digital, high-definition effect as well as an artistic hand-sketched effect. The only inputs required are the house plans (CAD Drawings) and elevations, if real elevations are not prepared or available you can provide that information to me personally.

The 3D Renderings and Perspectives outputs can be configured to suit various marketing formats and channels including Billboards, on line Images, Brochures, Magazine Ads etc.

I am sure you have probably heard it said before, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.  I love what I do!!  I started this business when I was working as a residential designer. I always loved the thrill of presenting a new design to a client for the first time, always tried to  exceed their expectations.

In my quest for presentation, I began experimenting with 3D architectural rendering programs.  When I saw the way that clients and investors, etc, reacted to a photo realistic rendering presentation, I knew I had found my calling.  I enjoy doing this so much that I started doing renderings and animations for some of my clients in my spare time (many late nights).

This media has now became my full time job, and 3d Rendering & Design was born.  I will still gladly work late evenings and weekends when needed, to see that your renderings or animations look incredible and are delivered on time.

I enjoy working closely with my clients.  When working on your project, you’re the boss. I understand the passion you feel about a project design that you have labored over and want to present it to you an as accurately as possible. I understand that it will represent your design, and the presentation must wow your clients.

Even thought My passion is 3D Rendering, I also have experience doing Residential Design If you are looking for an affordable means to view your dreams I would be very happy to accommodate you…

Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or would like to discuss your needs.